Mt. Miguel Equestrian Center is a 5 acre, full service, horse boarding and training facility located on the eastern border of the Bonita-Chula Vista metropolitan area. Our clients mostly live within 10 miles of the equestrian center so they are there and actively taking care of their horses on a regular basis. We usually have about 58-62 horses at any one time, sometimes a few more, sometimes a few less.


Our mission is to provide a clean, safe, and friendly environment where clients can come spend quality time with their horses, their family members and their friends. We support this mission by assuming responsibility for feeding all horses both morning and evening. Additionally, Mt. Miguel employees clean all corrals and box stalls daily. We pride ourselves on property maintenance so our clients enjoy a safe and clean environment.

Points of Pride
  • Many of our wonderful boarders are active members and exhibitors of the Sunnyside Saddle Club.
  • We have two really great trainers, Laura Galecki, whose expertise spans from young riders and green horses to State and National championships.
  • Emily Ruocco's has her popoular lesson program based at MMEC. She enjoys the challenge of thorough-bred training, especially to repurpose horses off the track.
  • Dependable and conscientious staff who are at work rain or shine.
  • One very large arena for riding, lessons, jumping, and reining classes. An 86' diameter arena, and two 50' diameter turnout rings. All arenas are softly lit at night.
  • Manure is removed from the property approximately every two weeks.
  • Horse trailer parking.
  • Tack storage is inside the barn.
  • All boarders have their own lockable supply locker.
  • High quality Bermuda and alfalfa hay are available.
  • Convenient location to the San Diego/South County Metropolitan areas.
  • Ocean breezes help keep us cool in the summer.
  • Hot walker.
  • Available health maintenance opportunities to keep animals feeling good. These include both winter and summer veterinary clinics for all preventive care (shots, sheath cleanings, teeth maintenance, and any other issues boarders want to address) we offer an effective and inexpensive fecal analysis program to detect and treat parasites.
  • Adequate tie rails and wash rack facilities.
  • Safety is our No: 1 priority. Boots or shoes with heels are required at all times. Helmets are to be worn by all jumpers.
  • Our ranch foreman, Jorge Sanchez, lives on the property.
  • Our land is fenced and facility locked at night.
  • We have a really great barn cat who would rather sit on your lap than hunt...
  • And our prices are very reasonable.

How To Contact Us


April 3, 2017
A friendly hello to our website. If you are looking for a corral or roomy box stall at a fun, family-oriented barn, this is your dream come true! We currently have openings in both categories. Our staff is here to make sure your horse is fed correctly and on time, and your corral or box stall is cleaned every day. We have trainers available to help you become your very best!

Kindest regards,

Judy Tieber